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The band (English)

Ustekabe Band

bizkaiazubiaMusical Youth Association Band Ustekabe

  • This band was established in Eibar (Basque Country) in December of 2000 by fiveteen musicians of this village. This band has  experienced a constant renewal until nowadays, that it is composed of 19 musicians. We all are between 15 and 28 years old.
  • We have a wide range of songs that are very elaborated. Besides, we are constantly renewing our Musical repertoire.
  • All of us have musical studies and we all are  able to prepare performances with special repertoires for dance gropus, theatres… •    We are a legally established association and we are also able to emit bills.
  • We have made a long career, and we have played in many different places.



Fanfarre Ustekabe
Edificio Beistegui
Víctor Sarasqueta 7, 3º
20600 Eibar
Gipuzkoa -Spain-

Tlf: +34 649933512
e-mail: ustekabe [@]

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